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Big or small buildings, inside or out, we can inspect your commercial property.

Apartment and Condo Complexes

Trust our team for specialty inspection work for your building — interior and exterior. We perform an in-depth investigation, whether for routine inspection or problem-solving. Our investigation concludes with a detailed written report, accompanied by photos and recommendations.

We strive to provide the very best inspection service in the industry, and we are flexible in meeting client needs.

Construction / Moisture intrusion

Construction defect investigations

On-site testing of window and wall components

Failure analysis for defects

Office Buildings

The Investigative Inspection Services team has helped commercial building owners ensure their property is up to code and well-maintained, free from problems with mold, moisture, or air quality. If you have roof, window, or structural damage, we can assess the problem and recommend an appropriate course of remediation.

Construction / Moisture intrusion

Construction defect investigations

On-site testing of window and wall components

Failure analysis for defects

Government Facilities

The Investigative Inspection Services team has worked on many government and military properties and understands the special considerations required for both accessing the facilities and contracting government work. Our professionals are experienced and can be trusted to work with discretion. 

Construction / Moisture intrusion

Construction defect investigations

On-site testing of window and wall components

Disaster recovery (flood/storm damage)

roof inspection

A roof is one of the most expensive investments in your home. We can inspect the installation or investigate moisture problems related to all types of roofing materials, including shingles (asphalt, wood, slate, tile, copper, architectural), roll roofing, built-up asphalt roofing, modified bitumen roofing, EPDM and TPO roofing.

air sampling

Do you know what’s in the air you breathe? IIS conducts indoor air investigations and sampling to evaluate problems related to mold/moisture contamination, allergens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), infestations, and more. We provide a detailed report of the laboratory analysis.

Construction Analysis

IIS investigates construction and installation issues, providing failure analysis in situations where installation method, product design, or material defect has led to problems. We also conduct on-site field testing of window and wall components, providing analysis and scope for remediating the problem.

moisture inspection

We investigate moisture problems utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to provide a comprehensive review of moisture intrusion causes and effects. Our team will help you understand the problem and recommend an effective course of remediation.

MOLD inspection

Mold can damage your property and harm your health. IIS can ascertain the causes and extent of mold growth in residential and commercial properties, using a combination of visual inspection, moisture testing, and mold sampling. We will then advise on a proper course of remediation.

exterior inspection

We provide comprehensive assessment of installation and moisture problems with building envelopes. Our expertise includes all types of exterior finishes, including EIFS, stucco, stone (natural and manufactured), brick, cedar, vinyl, and HardiePlank siding.

Forty years in the industry. That’s experience you can trust.

Professional Certifications

Professional Association Memberships

Industry Leadership Memberships


Here’s what our clients are saying —

Disaster Recovery:
“I am an Environmental Safety, Health and Quality Manager at Meadows CMPG, Inc., in Norfolk, Virginia. I have known and worked with Stanley Yeskolski for about 14 years on a variety of projects. Stanley is a knowledgeable expert on pretty much anything related to building construction, to include building materials, the building envelope, siding, EIFS, and issues related to moisture intrusion. He has a great ability to inspect problem areas, identify the source of moisture intrusion, and determine the best path for cleaning and remediation. Of the many professionals I’ve worked with, Stanley stands out for his attention to detail. He is very thorough and has extensive knowledge of building codes.”


Industrial Hygienist:
“Stanley is impressive for his understanding of the scope of work, his knowledge and experience in environmental assessment, his ability to complete the task charged to him, and above all, his trustworthiness. Stanley is one of the few professionals I know who will take the time to explain in detail, the science behind moisture and vapor intrusion, temperature factors and other environmental forces that affect a buildings environmental health. He will also take time to demonstrate the proper use of metering devices, how they function, interpreting the results and recognizing anomalies.”


Façade Inspection:
“Stanley is truly a professional. He is smart, driven, and a ‘man of his word.’ Through the years, I have been approached by many clients who know of my reputation of taking on difficult projects. Stanley has been instrumental in assisting me at solving these difficult and complicated projects. He is fearless in his follow-through and does what it takes to get the right answers and resolution to a problem. He is loyal, honest, and he handles projects diligently, efficiently, and on-schedule. His work on many façade investigative endeavors with my firm were a huge part of why these projects were so successful.”


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We are based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but we provide services throughout the east coast and travel for projects.


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